Two-Minute Tech Tuesdays - Varnish on Digital Ocean

This week’s episode of Two Minute Tech Tuesday demonstrates how to run Varnish on the Digital Ocean cloud by using the official Varnish Cache image on the Digital Ocean marketplace.

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11/30/21 3:11 PM
by Thijs Feryn

Varnish Cache is now available on DigitalOcean

We’re excited to announce that Varnish Cache is now available as an app on the DigitalOcean marketplace, the premier cloud platform for developers. The Varnish Cache instances are pre-configured and it takes just one click to deploy Varnish on to VMs or Kubernetes clusters, so you can be up and caching in no time at all!

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11/12/20 3:26 PM
by Miles Weaver

Varnish Software Blog

The Varnish blog is where our team writes about all things related to Varnish Cache and Varnish Software...or simply vents.



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