Three new components to increase website scalability and performance

Unlimited cache sizing, increased caching performance and customized cache optimization support content-heavy, high-traffic sites. Varnish Software is pleased to officially announced the release of Varnish Massive Storage Engine, Varnish High Availability and Varnish Tuner. These three components are designed to support the scalability and performance needs of content heavy, high-traffic websites and are now available as part of our Varnish Plus offering.

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11/18/14 9:00 AM
by Scott Kircher

Scaling up the dmcache tests

Following up on the test of dmcache we decided to scale it up a bit, to get better proportions between RAM, SSD and HDD. So we took the dataset and made it 10 times bigger. It is now somewhere around 30GB with an average object size of 800Kbyte. In addition we made the backing store for Varnish ten times biggers as well, increasing it from 2GB to 20GB. This way we retain the cache hit rate of around 84% but we change the internal cache hit rates significantly.

The results where pretty amazing and shows what a powerful addition dmcache can be for IO intensive workloads.

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11/10/14 2:30 PM
by Per Buer

Putting Time on Your Side - How Morningstar delivers with accuracy and speed

Per Buer was recently invited by Global Banking & Finance Review to discuss the importance of speed in the financial services industry and fields concerned with data delivery. Per shares two important things crucial to data delivery and customer experience, and uses Varnish Software customer, Morningstar, as a case study to show how Varnish Plus delivers when it's most important.

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10/29/14 11:19 AM
by Scott Kircher

Blog for a Sysadmin - Monitoring Health in Varnish Cache

At Varnish Software, we like to share tips and tricks and ensure our knowledge is being shared with our readers. In what I hope will become a series under the guise of 'Blog for a Sysadmin', I'd like to take you through the essentials of maintaining your Varnish Cache setup. First up—Monitoring your Varnish Cache setup.

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9/16/14 12:30 PM
by Espen Braastad

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