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We at Varnish Software are pretty keen on new technologies, experimentation and the sense of learning in and from a community (Varnish Cache, after all, is open source and has a thriving community supporting it). The bigger the community, the more there is to learn and be inspired by.

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4/21/16 2:59 PM
by Erika Wolfe

Conditional requests versus cache invalidation

If your content ever changes you’ll need some way to make sure the updated content reaches the users. The traditional way of doing this is to devise some sort of cache invalidation. You’ll hook it into your CMS and when content changes a HTTP PURGE or REFRESH call goes out to the Varnish Cache servers and the stale content is discarded. This is all pretty nice. There is one problem: if you should ever lose a PURGE request then your content will stay stale for as long as your TTL allows. You have a few options: 

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9/11/15 11:19 AM
by Per Buer

How to implement SSL/TLS in Varnish Plus?

A couple of weeks back we shared that we’ll be adding SSL/TLS support in Varnish Plus. Now that the announcement is out and we’ve presented it on a couple of occasions it is time to go through implementation details. 

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6/9/15 9:00 PM
by Per Buer

Introducing Varnish High Availability

There is a reason why people install Varnish Cache in their servers. It’s all about the performance. Delivering content from Varnish is often a thousand times faster than delivering it from your web server. As your website grows, and it usually grows significantly if your cache hit rates are high, you’ll rely more and more on Varnish to deliver the brunt of the requests that are continuously flowing into your infrastructure. 

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11/27/14 11:19 AM
by Per Buer

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