Creating a self-routing Varnish cluster

In this post, I will explain how to create a highly available, self-routing sharded Varnish Cache cluster. This is similar to a standard sharded cluster with one exception, there is no dedicated routing tier. Each node in the cluster can route the request to the proper destination node, by itself.

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2/14/17 11:30 AM
by Reza Naghibi

Varnish High Availability benchmarks: Performance with and without VHA

Varnish High Availability (VHA) is a high-performance content replicator for Varnish Plus. Using VHA with a group of Varnish Plus servers ensures that the cached objects will be efficiently replicated between caches when first fetched from the backend. This both provides higher performance to the client, and minimizes backend traffic.

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11/9/16 12:23 PM
by Denis Brækhus

Varnish High Availability: Delivering news or deals, make sure your website has wheels…


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10/3/16 9:00 AM
by Erika Wolfe


We are back! Only a few weeks after the release of Varnish High Availability 1.1, we are releasing a new version of VHA a little before the new year, so your 2016 cache setups can be even more efficient and resilient.

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12/21/15 5:25 PM
by Guillaume Quintard

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