Guest post: Go go and get started... with Varnish

With web 2.0 and the growing popularity of social media, websites were put under a lot more stress. Delivering content fast and reliably is a relevant challenge. In the hosting industry (I work at Combell, the leading Belgian web hosting company) we no longer just talk about throwing servers at the problem. Offering fast, stable, secure, scalable and affordable solutions to clients has become the core business.

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2/7/17 2:01 PM
by Thijs Feryn

Join our certified training partner Redpill-Linpro for Varnish Training

Redpill-Linpro are a certified training partner of Varnish Software. We invite you to come and join them in Stockholm for Varnish Administrator Training and certification.
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2/2/17 11:15 AM
by Raj Singh

Join us for Varnish training in London this March

Do you have questions about how Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) works or need to understand VCL better?
Then this is your opportunity to come and spend time with a Varnish core developer who can answer your questions. 
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1/30/17 11:00 AM
by Raj Singh

First opportunity to join Varnish training in 2017 is in Gothenburg

The Varnish Training Academy is coming to Gothenburg, Sweden and is the first "port of call" for the Varnish Training Academy in 2017. 
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1/4/17 12:13 PM
by Raj Singh

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